Monday, May 10, 2010


Sunday while I was with my parents for Mother's Day, Jennifer sent me a picture of a rat that Pom had caught and brought in to show her.

That makes 6 in about 2 years. Not counting the live lizard she brought in that one time.

The first she left for us on the mat outside the front door, but since we don't use that door much, we didn't find it for a while, and it settled into one of the gaps in the mat (it's rubber, but shaped like wrought iron)

The second she brought to us the day after I cleaned up the first. That one she had in the garage, and even though it was dead, she was holding it between her paws and rubbing on either side of her face.

The third was the one she brought in late at night when I called in her. I was glad I saw the tail dangling from her mouth, so I got her to drop it in the foyer.

The fourth she left for us in the very center of the garage the night we went to see the new Star Trek movie.

The fifth was another she brought in.

And now this one, the sixth.

Now, I'm pretty sure they're rats from the size of their tails which have been between 9 and 12 inches long.

I took pictures of this one in the bag Jennifer put it into when she cleaned it up. The body was a little curled up, but from its hip to the tip of the tail was the length of a gallon Ziploc bag.

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