Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Things were going so well with my new NAS, and then they ground to a screeching halt.

Yes, I could play the music off of mu external hard drive that I was running through the NAS, but Jennifer discovered that things were all Read Only on it.

So after killing the evening trying to fix it myself, I called Tech Support.

It turns out that the NAS runs on a UNIX kernel and the kernel doesn't like NFTS (the Windows file system). And therefore the External will have to be reformatted. So over night, I will be copying all of my files from the External to the NAS.

Then tomorrow, I will reformat the External to the UNIX file system.

It's something with an X in it.

After I do that, I'll see if I can get the printer to work through the NAS. If not, I'll call Tech Support back and see what they have to say.

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