Monday, May 03, 2010

Pool Wars - The Management Strikes Back

So the latest...

E-mails came back to me on Saturday from Bay Area Property Services (BAPS). First off, our landlady will be charged $65 because I called the emergency line to complain about our pool not being open. Apparently this is not an appropriate use of that system.

Then today, I received this e-mail


I have been advised you have contacted many employees at Bay Area Property Services and have left messages regarding the pool.

I ask that you stop contacting our office immediately.

All communication needs to go through Judy—as she is the owner of the unit.

[Landlady]—if this harassment continues from your tenant—I will assign this to the HOA’s attorney for harassment and you will be billed directly for all costs. Please speak to
your tenant.

[BAPS Representative]

So that's where it is. I've been perma-banned from talking to BAPS even though our first month in the condo, we were given a letter from our landlady giving us permission to act on her accord. I wrote an e-mail to our landlady reiterating the situation and asking for her to talk with BAPS for us.

We'll see.

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