Saturday, July 03, 2010

Computer Games - PC, the first

So my first PC game was one my first college roommate had. It was called Oubliette. I didn't play it much, but watched him. It was an ASCII dungeon game (if I'm remembering right).

Then my second roommate had a pool game that I thought was great because it let you see where all of the balls wold go after their first impact.

Then dad got one for working at home. I played a little Wolfenstein 3D that I got from a friend, and then dad got SimCity; the original game back from when it was just Maxis and they were based out of Walnut Creek. We all had so much fun with that game. Making cities, destroying them with monsters and fires.

then I got some games of my own. I played X-Wing and TIE Fighter, ad was mesmerized by not only flying the ships, but having the sound effects I knew and loved with John Williams soundtrack in the background.

And then for Christmas of my final year in Sacramento, I got my own PC. The amazing IBM PS/1.

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