Monday, July 05, 2010

Computer Games - PC, the third

When Jennifer and I moved together, we got a second line installed at the house for the computer.

Then the summer before we got married, Pacific Bell had a deal. Sign up for DSL and get a new computer at a discounted price.

So less than a month before we got married, i had a new computer with an internal DSL modem.

But I didn't end up getting DSL for another two or three months.

It became all about waiting for a new port to be set up and become available. And then for almost a year following we were dealing with being double charged, and incorrectly charged, and being overcharged.

And having been saving up for the wedding, and dealing with everything that came afterwards, I didn't get a lot of games. It ended up setting the pattern that I still follow today (mostly). Wait a few month after the game is released and get it for half or a third of what it was originally offered at. I've got enough activities to keep me busy until then.

But I was slowly growing my game collection. Dark Forces Jedi Knight, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, SimCity 2000, Starcraft. And a few others.

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