Monday, July 12, 2010

Worn Out

Tonight is the end of a long and yet insanely fast weekend.

Friday the last Phase I report was uploaded. We're all very happy that it is done, but we're hoping good things come from the next Phase.

Saturday was game day, and we had nearly ten hours of straight combat. We were hosed from the beginning, but it was good to have a challenge.

Sunday, Jennifer, the Sorrellians, and I went to the Mayhem Festival at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. it was my first time at that venue, and we had a great time. Jennifer got Rob Zombie's signature on her shirt, while Steve got it on his leg above a tattoo of Rob. He got it permanently inked in today. We thoroughly enjoyed In This Moment, and Five Finger Death Punch. The big fun was seeing Rob Zombie perform. He was the next to last performance, while the final performer were the band KoRn.

We left after their first song. Now all of use will tell you that Rob's lyrics don't make much sense. And apparently they don't always make sense to Rob either. But at least he seemed to be there for the fun; KoRn was just there to be seen. they were boring and had no spark. We said that Rob played with us while KoRn played at us.

Still a great time was had, but we didn't get home until midnight, and I had a health and safety meeting to attend at 7:30 this morning. I made it and stayed awake through the entire day, but I got home and took a nap. And now I'm off to bed to complete my fatigue recovery.


Oh, and I almost forgot. We bought a CD off of a band that was wandering the parking lot. they're performing later in the tour, and just drumming up support. Jennifer and listened to them today, and really enjoyed them. So hopefully in the future you'll be able to hear XFactor1 on the radio.

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