Saturday, July 03, 2010

Computer Games - PC, the second

Dad's computer had been a 386, with (I think) a 12 MHz processor. The PS/1 was a huge leap with a roaring 486 and a 25 MHz processor. And it had a 2x speed CD-ROM.

I had this computer for about 3 years. I upgraded the RAM and added a Co-Processor to bring the clock speed up to 50 MHz. And I also raised it up from Windows 3.2 to Windows 95.

And on this machine I played my next favorite game: Dark Forces.

Dark Forces was the predecessor of the Jedi Knight series. Again with John Williams playing in the background, and using equipment from the movies, you got to kill stormtroopers. And all other kinds of Star Wars villains.

Then I was given a computer with a Pentium.

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