Monday, June 01, 2015

Conspiracy of Frustration

I know I've ranted before over my frustration over the changes that happened about 4 years ago at DC Comics.  And that I can't seem to let it go (No Singing!).  Apparently I'm not the only one.

Friday I came across this article at Bleeding Cool.  I think it sums it up very well.

Now, my friend John and I rarely saw eye to eye on comics.  But something he said about the original Crisis on Infinite Earths seems more fitting even now than when he first mentioned it.  He said that after the Crisis DC should have started over at that point with all of the books.  Now that may be what they tried to do with the New 52, but that is where I think they inadvertently hurt most of the long time readers.

In throwing away the old numbering it seemed they threw away the history of the company.  When they did Zero Hour a few years later they did a #0 issue, and I think it was the best intentioned of the plans.  It gave the "new" backstory of each character.DC did something similar tot he New 52, but waited about a year into the new run to do it.  If they had used that method again, I think it would have helped more.  Instead of throwing everyone into this mysterious universe where Superman and Shazam are very different, Batman and Green Lantern have hardly changed, and there's all these new heroes and villains, some created for the new universe and some brought over from Wildstorm, why not do a beginning introductory issue?

So anyway, this probably won't be my last rant, but it's good to know I'm not alone in my reasons.

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