Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Continued Learning

Last Saturday, San Pablo Avenue was closed from Ashby Avenue to Stanford Avenue for about 8 hours for a "Love Your Neighborhood" event.  the point is to help people realize that San Pablo Avenue is not just a substitute for Interstate 80, but a road that goes by lots of residences and small businesses.

It had lots of booths for local community businesses and such/

One of the booths was for Biketopia which is up Alcatraz Avenue by Adeline Street.  It was just one guy (Hiro) who was doing bike inspections and minor repairs.  He looked over my chain, and suggested it was pretty worn and should be replaced.

So, yesterday, after stopping off to cool down at home, I rode back up and got my chain replaced.

By me.

Biketopia is one of many shops around that is volunteer run, and teaches a bike owner how to do their own repairs.  I learned in my first year from another shop how to change inner tubes for flat tires.  This time, I learned (from Reaux) how to disassemble and clean the derailleur, and change the chain.  Now my gears are clean, the derailleur is gunk free, and my chain is shiny and silver.  It was one that was pre-waxed, so it shouldn't need to be oiled for about a week.  I also got a briefing on bicycle disc brakes.  I'm going to need to replace the pads on mine soon, but with the instruction Hiro gave me, I learned how easy it is to change them out.

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