Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Discworld - Watching Equality Among Races

While I was still reading Reaper Man, I came across this article on the web.  Once again Pratchett knew things before any of us.  The man mined information more than any author I've come across.

Men at Arms is a favorite (yes, I know, but they're almost all favorites) because it introduces Angua, brings back Detritus, and plays on old themes.  When Cuddy is trying to teach the Dwarven Gold Song (which is made up of only the word "gold") to Detritus (who he then keeps berating for getting the song wrong) you can't help but laugh.  And yes, this fantasy world has gunpowder (Black Powder #1), but the book is all about why and why not.

The Guards books are Pratchett's writings of mysteries and police procedural, but at the same time he addresses other issues.  Dwarves and Trolls hate each other, but humans have their own feelings towards them.  Trolls appear stupid so they are marginalized.  Dwarves are subtly discriminated again because "everyone knows what Dwarves are like."  Everyone but Dwarves of course.


Appearing in this book:

“Do deformed rabbit, it’s my favorite”
“Millennium hand and shrimp"
"Personal is not the same as important."
“The world is your mollusk”
Bearhugger's Very Fine Whiskey
Beggars guild
Bells of Ankh-Morpork
Bloody Stupid Johnson/UU Organ
Captain "Mayonaise" Quirk
Captain Vimes
Chalky the Troll
Chrysoprase, the Troll
Coalface the Troll
Corporal C. W. St. J Nobbs
Corporal Carrot Ironfounderson
Cumbling Michael
Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler
Done-It Duncan
Doughnut Jimmy
Dr. Cruces, Assassins’ Guild
Dragon attack
Dried Frog Pills
Drumknott, Secretary
Dwarf bread
Dwarf Bread Museum - Rime Street
Dwarf delicatessen (Gimlet’s)
Dwarven Gold song
Elm Street
Fingers Mazda
Flint the Troll
Foul Ole Ron
Gerhardt Sock, Butchers’ Guild
Grabpot Thundergust the Dwarf
Hi ho song
Koom Valley
Lady Selachii
Lady Sybil Ramkin
Lance-Constable Angua
Lance-Constable Cuddy
Lance-Constable Detritus
Leonard da Quirm
Lord Downey, Assassins’ Guild
Lord Havelock Vetinari, The Patrician
Lord Rust
Lord Venturii
Ludmilla Cake
Mad Lord Snapcase, former Patrician
Moraine the Troll
Mr. (Arthur) Winkins
Mr. Hong and the Three Jolly Luck Take-Away Fish Bar on Dagon Street opening on the Winter Solstice under a Full Moon
Mr. Ixiolite, the Banshee
Mr. Morecombe, Vampire Lawyer
Mr. Whiteface, Fool’s Guild
Mrs. Cake
Mrs. Drull, the Ghoul
Mustrum Ridcully, Archchancellor
Old Stoneface (Vimes)
Quantum Weather Butterfly
Queen Molly of the Beggars’ Guild
Reg Shoe
Sargent Colon
Sendivoge, Alchemists’ Guild
Sham Harga/Harga's House of Ribs
Silas Cumberbatch, Town-Crier
Silicon Anti-Defamation League
Silverfish, Alchemist’s Guild
Slice (Mountain)
Stronginthearm the Dwarf
The Assassins' Guild
The Brass bridge
The Bucket on Gleam Street
The Bursar
The Dean
The Fools' Guild
The High-Energy Magic Building
The Librarian
The Librarian
The Mona Ogg
The Opera House
The Pork Futures Warehouse
The Ramtops/Copperhead
The Royal Mail/The Post Office
The Thieves' Guild
The Things from the Dungeon Dimensions
The Unreal Estate
Twurp's Peerage
Unseen University
Wilikins, Butler
Wolf pack leader like Carrot

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