Sunday, June 21, 2015


So, today for Father's Day, I went to my parents' house and cooked breakfast for my dad (and mom too).  I also helped dad go through his storage shed, and drove mom to pick up a prescription so that dad could get a little nap.

Now, of course, I got there via biking and BART.  And it's not like I didn't drink anything while I was there.  I think I had two glasses of orange juice, two glasses of milk, two glasses of water, and a beer.  And while I was on BART, or at least on the platform waiting for the train, I had water from my carrier bottle.

And then when i got home, I had some lemonade, and more water, and thought I'd brew some tea.  For dinner I had a Caesar salad with mushroom and sliced leftover steak.  But apparently I was still very thirsty, because when I sat down to eat, and brought my wine over, the table was already a little crowded with drinks.

Yeah, no idea either.  But at least I'm hydrated.

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