Thursday, June 04, 2015

Discworld - All Just a Dream

So take "A Midsummer Night's Dream", then interleave a reverse of "The Taming of the Shrew", then add in the characters of the Discworld, and look at things through the lens of Pratchett's mind.  That is Lord and Ladies.

I can remember buying this book and the next one (Men at Arms) at Tower books.  And they were expensive, because they were the version from England.  In a mass-market paperback size, they were $10 or $11 each.  And this was in 1993.

But they were so worth the price.  I got so much pleasure reading them and getting the next installment of both the Witches and the Watch.

This is a pretty big "crossover" kind of book with known characters from Unseen University meeting the people of Lancre.  And lots of little bits get mentioned in conversations.  Again it's refreshing that characters have memories and history.  Up until reading this, the only shared universe in fiction that I read was in comics.  Sure I read Larry Niven, but his main characters came from such different time periods that they hardly ever met.


Appearing in this book:

"A Wizards Staff Has a Knob on the End"
"Millennium Hand and Shrimp"
"Pull the other one..."
"The Hedgehog Song"
Agnes "Perdita" Nitt
Archchancellor Mustrum Ridcully
Archchancellor (Galder) Weatherwax
Archchancellor (Greyhald) "Tudgy" Spold
Baker the Weaver
Bestiality Carter
Black Aliss
Bows and Ammo
Carpenter the Poacher
Carter the Baker
Dried Frog Pills
Eyes like Gimlet
Genghiz Cohen
Granny Esmerelda Weatherwax
Granny's Rag Rug from the Smith in Bad Ass
Herne the Hunted
High Energy Magic Building
Hwel, Tomjon, and Vittoler's men - The Dysk
Ironfounderson the Dwarf
Jason Ogg
King Verence II
Lucy "Diamanda" Tockley
Magrat Garlick
Millie Chillum
Millie Hopwood
Mr. Brooks the Beekeeper
Mr. Ixiolite the Banshee
Mr. Spriggins the Butler
Mrs. Scorbic the Cook
Nanny Gytha Ogg
Nanny Gripes
Nanny's Still
Obidiah Carpenter the Tailor
Octarine Grass Country
Old Poorchick and his cow
"Personal isn't the same as important."
Pewsey Ogg
Ponder Stibbons - The Reader in Invisible Writings
Queen Ynci
Sean Ogg
Slice and the Place Where the Sun Doesn't Shine
Sto Helit
Sto Lat
Strict Offlians (Offler, the Crocodile-Headed God)
Tailor the Other Weaver
Thatcher the Carter
The Archchancellor's Hat
The Bursar
The Dean
The Green-Purple Wobbly Bit
The Hi Ho Song
The Lancre Morris Dancers
The Lecturer in Recent Runes
The Librarian
The Queen of the Elves (Fairies)
The Single Standing Stone
The Stick and Bucket Dance
The Things from the Dungeon Dimensions
The Tooth Fairy
The Trousers of Time
The Vampire Queen of Lancre
Tinker the Tinker
Twurp's Peerage
Unseen University
Violet Frottidge
Weaver the Thatcher

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