Sunday, June 21, 2015

Discworld - When the Fat Lady Sings

It's amazing how quickly you can read things when you've turned off the television.  I read Maskerade in two days.

Of course the overarching theme of this book is "The Phantom of the Opera", and yes, I continually have the song "Masquerade" going through my head, but there is still so much more to this book.  There's the concept of three witches.  There's a little mystery.  And there's all the other little bits from operas and musicals that get mentioned.

Death appears several times in the book, but his best scene is his last.


Recurring Characters and Concepts in this book:

"A Witch should never stand between two mirrors."
Agnes “Perdita X. Dream” Nitt
Black Aliss
Cable Street Particulars
Corporal Detritus, AM City Watch
Corporal Nobby Nobbs, AM City Watch
Elm Street
Five exclamation points
Granny Esemerelda Weatherwax
Magrat Garlick, Queen
Millie Hopwood
Mother Dismass
Mr. Crisplock, Engraver
Nanny Gytha Ogg
Seamstresses' Guild
Shawn Ogg
Thatcher the Carter
The Dreadful Bend in the Road / Deadman’s Curve
The Hedgehog Song
The Opera House
The Ramtops
The Shades
The Venturi family
Thomas Goatberger
Tinker the Tinker
Two Shirts
Verence II, King
Violet Frottidge

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