Tuesday, January 03, 2017

A Specific Direction

So over the past week, Jennifer and kept hearing a seemingly specific selection of music wherever we went.

Aretha Franklin
Booker T and the MGs
"Sweet Home Chicago"

And of course, Carrie Fisher passed away.

When we put it all together, it could mean only one thing: We had to watch "The Blues Brothers"

Now, I was never one who (knowingly at least) had a crush on Carrie Fisher.  I wasn't jealous of Han Solo/Harrison Ford.  There just wasn't ever anything there.

Watching "The Blues Brothers" again you notice things.  The bit of nudge at Star Wars when Carrie as "The Mystery Woman" has a different hairstyle in every one of her scenes.  Sure, she works at Curl Up and Dye, but still.

And then there is the thought of all of those in the movie who have passed:

Carrie Fisher
John Belushi
John Candy
Ray Charles
Cab Calloway
James Brown
Henry Gibson
Kathleen Freeman
John Lee Hooker

We watched the "Extended Cut" which I do not recommend because the lighting in some scenes is jarring and you see Elwood at work where he quits.  And you see his eyes because he is wearing clear safety glasses.  It's the conceit of the movie that you never see Elwood's eyes and Jake's only when he pleads for the Mystery Woman not to kill him.

Watch the original, and be happy.

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