Monday, January 09, 2017

Grand Cycle

So, I guess there are things that happen and you just see them again and again.

People will make mistakes and do whatever they can to cover those mistakes up.  Sometimes it's new people, and sometimes it's the same person who made a mistake a couple years ago.

Stories change slowly over the day, and gradually those stories sound nothing like the stories of the morning.


On a related note, apparently I am the calmest and nicest guy around.  Coworkers and subcontractors gauge when things are going bad by when something has managed to damage my calm.

I had a stressful time a couple months back, and a new friend helped me find a way to manage the stress.  He said my calm versus stress level is usually no more than a 2 or 3.  But that day he saw I was up to 11 or 12.  Out of 10.

Then last week I had a bit of an issue.  When I told Jennifer later, about how I had slipped into "my very professional voice," she said, "You mean your dad's office voice?"  I had to acknowledge that.  It's the voice that he used when he was at work, and that I only heard when I got the privilege of calling him at the office, or when I was in trouble.

I have apparently taken that voice as my own for discipline.

I was speaking to a sub, and trying to get across the chain of events their actions had set in motion.  And I was using that voice.  A different sub walked by and later said that I seemed pretty upset.  When asked how upset, he said, "Like about 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 out of ten."

I like to be the guy who everyone gets along with.  [I've always said that I want my tombstone to say "He Made People Smile".  Of course, now I don't want a tombstone, so put a hologram projector in the tree that gets planted for my body to feed.]  But please don't make me use my dad's work voice on you.

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