Tuesday, June 03, 2008

All the Pictures

All right, I'm trying out Photobucket now. I haven't come up against any limitations yet, so things are looking good. Below are are all the pictures that are fit for public viewing that we took while in Key West.

Animals - Various animals we saw while on the key.

Beach - Pictures of the beach and us while on it.

Boats - The catamaran we were on for snorkeling, a big cruise ship that came in while we were there, and the boat we almost got to go on.

Butterfly Conservatory - The 180 pictures we took during our two visits to the butterflies.

Plants - Various flowers and plants around the key.

Sunsets - Five days worth of sunsets; four from the pier and one from the snorkeling catamaran.

Tourist Bits - Various touristy locations and pictures.

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