Monday, June 09, 2008

Various and Sundry Details

Friday Jennifer and I went to my parents' for dinner with my aunt and uncle from Kentucky, and two other friends of my parents. It was kind of a pre-party dinner because...

Saturday night was my mom 's 65th birthday party. Jennifer and I were on hand to celebrate and help out as needed. As it turned out we helped most in the clean-up.

Both nights were fun if a bit loud. My parents' house is mostly hardwood floors with oriental rugs (should they be called Asian rigs now?) and it's echoey. Add to that my mom's tendency to be loud and my strange sensitivity to sound Friday night, and Friday was not happy for me. Saturday was better as I talked with friends of mom's who were much quieter people. Jennifer helped me through it, and Saturday went better. Although Saturday the party started with a spike of a headache for me, but again, Jennifer helped me through it.

Aside from the party, Jennifer and did some fun shopping on Saturday and Sunday, and I might soon get a new gas grill.

We're both looking forward to this weekend. Friday we're going to try to see Evil Dead: The Musical, and then Saturday we spilt up. I have a role-playing game session at John's and she has a gallery opening for a friend and then a part afterwards.

Busy busy busy.

Oh yeah, and then of course there's that bothersome "work" we seem to have to use to fill in our week.

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