Thursday, June 05, 2008

Favorite Things - Sunsets

Now taking over 100 pictures of sunsets may seem a bit
excessive. But you weren't there, and it's the primary reason for

I quote "Running Scared"

Ray: Why are we in Key West?

Danny: It's as far south as we could get without having to speak Spanish.

Ray: What's goin' on? What happened?

Danny: I don't know. Maybe a ship sank.

Ray: Maybe somebody drowned.

Blond: We're watching the sunset.

Ray: Yeah, right. Really, what happened?

Blond: The sun is setting. Can't you see it?

Ray: Don't give us that. It sets every night.

Blond: Yeah, and we come out every night to watch it. Isn't it

Danny: Maybe we should check this out.

Ray: Yeah, well, it better be good.

And so every night we went out to Mallory Square and watched the sunset. That is except for two nights. Wednesday night we were on the catamaran for snorkeling and watched the sunset from the boat as we came back in to port. And Sunday night we were starving, and too far from the water to make it back in time, so instead we found the best pub in Key West, and I had the best fish and chips ever. We did however get to watch CNN for the Phoenix lander touching down on Mars though.

Four other nights we did watch the sunset though. And each night it was different. Different clouds, different colors, and different entertainers. Because every night there are street performers out doing show before the sunset, and people are selling drinks and conch fritters, and everyone is looking west.

The island that the sun is setting over is (appropriately) Sunset Key. I think there are resorts out there, and you can take a boat over there. Maybe next time.

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