Thursday, June 12, 2008


So the San Francisco Bay Area is burning. Kind of.

Apparently there are two ways of looking at this.
  1. We only do things half ass compared to southern California.
  2. We know how to fight fires as opposed to southern California.
Either way the smell of brush fires has been around the Bay Area off and no for the past few weeks.

The Friday before we went to Key West, the hills above Santa Cruz were burning. Earlier this week there was a medium sized fire near Martinez. And this afternoon I got a bit of a scare when John told me about a fire in the Oakland hills. Fortunately it was near Hiller Highlands, and while it would have been scary for my parents when they lived off of Marlborough Terrace in Berkeley, they are safe down off of 13 in Oakland.

For an idea of how close this fire got to buildings, you can check out this blog.

According to my mom, this is pretty close to where the big bad fire started in the hills in October 1991. However, all is well and the fire is contained.

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