Friday, June 27, 2008

Many apologies... again

I had no idea I had not updated all week.

Tonight, Jennifer and I are going to Beckett's because she is craving prime rib. Not that she'll have a whole steak, but my description of the meal I had last week with John has her wanting it. I don't know if she'll be getting her own meal, but she says she just wants a few bites of the steak, potatoes, and asparagus. Plus we had a big lunch together today at Fresh Choice.

Then we have fun plans for Saturday. First we're going to see Wall-E at the Hacienda Crossings Regal Cinemas in Dublin. They have a 9:35 showing on their digital projector. We're hoping that will be too early for the chilluns. Then we're going to get the hibiscus charm that Jennifer got for her charm bracelet put on at Cardinal Jewelers in Pleasanton. They have a great selection of things, and we like checking them out every few months. Then we'll get my comics in Livermore.

Then we're planning on going to Vacaville to put a deposit down on my next tattoo(s). I'm ready for the flaming and bleeding "S"s. I'll get the black outlines and shading done first, then after that heals I get the color in a few months.

After that who knows?

I finished Magic Burns Wednesday night. it was really fun, and even better than Magic Bites. Now I'm reading Zorro by Isabell Allende. I've been a Zorro fan since seeing "Zorro - The Gay Blade" with George Hamilton, and that only grew as I learned more about Zorro. I really like the Mark of Zorro with Tyrone Power (which is the version Bruce Wayne and his parents were seeing at the cinema the night his parents were shot and killed). I can see elements that the writers in the 90s added to the Batman mythos. And I've been getting the Zorro comic book by Dynamite Entertainment which is really fun so far.

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