Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Slight Shuffling

I've played around with the sidebar a bit. There's a new feature that reads RSS feeds, so I re-entered all of my links, and added in some new ones that I either hadn't put in before, or hadn't updated. I didn't do the title of the latest update because I thought it made it too long. I do think the site icon beside those with RSS is cool though.

I finished Wintersmith tonight, and will try reading Prom Dates from Hell. It has a Kim Harrison story in it, but her site notes that it is not a tale from the Hollows unfortunately, and is a whole new world (fuck you Aladdin, get out of my head!). We'll see.

After that I've got some non-fiction books (the horror!), and I'll be interspersing some graphic novels. I'm working through Y: The Last Man by Brian Vaughan as they come in from the library. I'm halfway through, and while it is a worthy read, I don't think I'll be purchasing it. It's kind of like Akira; people who read comics should read it, but I don't see the need to revisit it.

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