Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This weekend was a fun weekend over all. Saturday i got my comics, and then had a fun RPG day at John's. We're finishing up the adventure in e-mail (with hopefully little to no fighting), and then I take over in July. It seems that no matter how it resolves we'll segue into my territory.

And for those who play in the group and are reading this that means a woods adventure. But for now, which forest we'll be entering shall remain a mystery.

Then Sunday mom, dad, Jennifer, and I went to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park to see the Chihuly exhibit which was free thanks to Target for the weekend. We got there and walked around, and then had lunch. That's when I thought I was getting a caffeine withdrawal headache. I hadn't had any since around noonish on Saturday, so I figured I was due. I had a Pepsi with lunch, but the headache never faded.

Jennifer and I ended up becoming members of the museum and after seeing most of the museum we went the through the Chihuly exhibit. It was fun, but it loses a little of its magic when you know how it's done. When I'm watching dad and Randy do their stuff I pick up a bit. Plus what dad has taught me, and the one demo I got to do with Randy a few years ago.

And the headache kept growing.

After the museum, we went back to mom and dad's for dinner, and while mom was preparing food, the pain had becoming my world. I was sitting in the chair with a dark expression and my arms crossed when Jennifer asked if I was angry, and I said, "No, I'm in pain." She walked me to the couch, and I laid down while they continued with meal prep.

Now, I started getting migraines my freshman year of high school. I got the halo effect and tunnel vision. At the time, I became one of the youngest people the nurse had done a CAT scan on. And during the EEG the nurse could actually tell just by looking at the reading if I was moving my eyes.

The doctor said it was closer to being a migraine on the migraine-stroke continuum, and primarily, we and the doctors decided the pain was a bad reaction to the combined use of decongestants and antihistamines, both of which contract blood vessels. Looking back, I've added in the general stress of school and such, but anyway...

I hadn't had one in a while. I can look back at some mornings that seemed like alcohol-free hangovers and such that probably fall into the category. And I had a day last year where I worked in the dark with my sunglasses on because everything was way too bright, and I didn't want to instigate a migraine.

So Sunday got worse. We put ice on it, and that just had it cold and painful. Finally, I started to smell food, and that really didn't help. I told Jennifer, and she took me home. I slept fitfully from 8 to midnight when it faded to just the right side of my forehead. I finally got into a real sleep by about 1:30 and woke up feeling drained, but mostly pain free. Except if I moved my eyes too far in my head.

So I took Monday off. I rested most of the day, did a little reading, and relaxed.

Now, I'm at work, and I just had to turn my lights off, because I had a faint throbbing. I'll get some orange juice on our 7-11 run. That usually makes me feel better.

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JS said...

As someone who plays a ranger/woodsman character, I'm all for forests... so long as they're not the kind that devour people.

Oh wait. I forgot. No giving the GM ideas.

I hope the migraine goes away soon!

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