Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drilling, Food, and Football

no record setting action today on site. We had a slower rig, and a more laid back crew, but we still managed to get offsite not too much later than expected.

The downer was heading off afterwards, and planning on having Long John Silver's in Vacaville. But when we came off the ramp at Mason, not only was the restaurant closed up, but the Valero it was attached to was closed, and there were all kinds of white USA markings on the ground. I was bummed, and so was Yuko who likes fried food a little too much.

However, we drove on to Travis, and the formerly trashy LJS on North Texas is now a nicely remodelled joint KFC/LJS. The service was wonderful, and the food was just what we wanted.

Then we drove on back tot he office, unloaded, and I prepared for the big evening: The Return of Football Season.

Jennifer had said she wanted lots of food, so we ordered entirely too much food from our favorite Chinese restaurant (Ming's), and then ate nearly too much, and enjoyed and intense game of Steelers vs. Titans.

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