Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Internet fun and City Travels

After reading about the Los Angeles area fires, I wondered what they looked like from space. Gizmodo had a link for me, but then the Boston Globe's Big Picture had a whole series. Beyond the satellite shot, I was amazed by the melted metal and plastic.

Back to Gizmodo, I'm not fully understanding the beginnings of this, but the future applications are squealing geekifying.


Monday afternoon, Jennifer shanghaied me from working out to go to San Francisco with her. She's working on an event at a beach, and she wanted me to join her for the exploration of the site. So we drove into the city and went to China Beach. Now of course most of the ride there, I'm thinking of the old Dana Delany-Robert Picardo TV show. But the beach was actually a neat place not far from the Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Then we decided we needed food so we parked at the end of the wharf, near Ghiradelli, and walked down to wharf for food. We got clam chowder in a bread bowl, a crab cocktail, and shrimp cocktail. We also got beer, and felt very ghetto/homeless drinking beer wrapped in paper bags while sitting on benches. But the weather and food was perfect, and we walked if off going on to Pier 39, and then walked back looking in shops and such.


Then last night after doing a little errand, Jennifer and I went to Luna Ristorante in Concord. It has got to be one of the best Italian restaurant experiences we have had in a long time. At least since our first night's meal in New York. Jennifer started with a spinach salad, while I had a Ceasar. Then we drank a Gabbiano Chianti (by far the best logo in the wine world), while she had mushroom bruschette and carpaccio, and I had an amazing cioppino in a lobster tomato broth. We'd go again even if we hadn't gotten too full to enjoy their desserts. Plus they've got four ports and a muscat that I'll have to work my way through.

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