Friday, September 11, 2009

John Pinette

A few weeks ago (while I was in Marysville), Jennifer called me to tell me she had gotten us free tickets at Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco through Goldstar.

And tonight was the night.

The beginning of the fun was helping Jennifer get ready around today's mutable schedule. She called me at 6:30 had me gather the clothes she was wanting to wear, and get on the road to pick her up at Rockridge BART. She got in the car, I looped around, and then as we're getting on the freeway, she's changing clothes: sundress to jeans and t-shirt.

Cobb's was a nice venue, nowhere near as crowded as Bimbo's. The warm-up was good, followed by Mike Black who was great, and then John Pinette was amazing.

I'd seen his stand-up on Comedy Central long ago, and seen a few of his acting bits (he was on Parker Lewis Can't Lose for a season), and recently Jennifer and I had watched his new DVD. But we were second row of tables tonight, and I laughed so much that I have a headache.

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