Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seeing Red

I'm not sure why, but Pom sees red.

One day I came home, and she had gotten into Jennifer's crocheting thread (essentially cotton yarn). Now of course cats love yarn, but which one did she play with leaving a trail of unwound ball from the media room down the hall, through the library and dining room, and out into the garage? The red one.

I just rolled the ball back up and nothing happened for a while.

Then a couple years ago, Jennifer was making party items out of red leather string. Pom had made cat toys out of leather shoelaces (for topsiders), but these red lengths fascinated her. So the left over piece became her new toy. Then after the party, the leftover pieces got cannibalized into a kitty flogger (only 7 tails though).

Then last night Jennifer was laying on the floor, and I was rubbing her head. Pom became fascinated with Jennifer's red hair moving ever so slightly. She hunkered down and watched, tail twitching, and then she pounced on the hair. She clawed at it a bit, and then bit it with a bit of licking thrown in.

It was a lot like how she cleans her tail. It was like she was playing the Jennifer's tail... that's stuck on her head.

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