Monday, September 21, 2009


Saturday night was really fun. A scorpion bowl for four was all I had. It lasted the few hours we were at Forbidden Island, and between that, fries, and their spicy chicken bites, I was happy.

Sunday was full of driving around looking for things. Light Bulbs. Power strips. Multi-plugs. The correct light bulbs. Hair products. Batteries.

I was excited when I saw that GE had begun making Reveal compact fluorescent bulbs. Jennifer doesn't like the yellow cast that regular fluorescent bulbs give off. And I've been saying, how hard would it be to just color the glass a bit. So when I saw them at Target I was excited. However, as it turns out, while they are more blue than regular fluorescent bulbs, they are not as blue as the incandescent.

So today I get to take them back. So much for that surprise.

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