Monday, September 14, 2009

First off a video using They Might Be Giants' newest song. I take issue with SiO2 making cement (acid will show it's mostly CaCO3), and CaSO4 as chalk (again CaCO3), but the rest of the video is fun.

Saturday was a fun day of gaming. It went well enough, but there are bits I could have done better. Sunday was a day of football, and fun.

Until I met the cat outside. I was seeing if Pom was outside,but instead I came across a yearling cat with a bell. We've encountered this cat before, but it meowed and seemed friendly enough. I made noises, and it came over to see me. I picked it up and it purred. And then it got spooked. It twisted and scratched and jumped down.

Did I mention I wasn't wearing a shirt at the time?

I got two short scratches on my right shoulder and two long parallel scratches across my left ribs to my navel. I quickly washed them with alcohol, and when they stopped being dirty (it had been raining, and the paws had been muddy), I followed up with Bactine.

It was painful this washing this morning in the shower.

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Lockwood said...

Cement will weather and release CaO, which in the presence of water and air will combine with CO2 to make CaCO3, but it's a mixture of silicates; it is not composed of CaCO3. The latter is too soft and soluble to be good for paving. Likewise, modern classroom chalk is made of gypsum (CaSO4), which is softer and easier to process into a homogeneous, smooth consistency. Geologically, chalk is made of CaCO3, but colloquially, when someone says "chalk," the material they're most likely talking about isn't "actually" chalk.

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