Sunday, September 06, 2009

Scottish Fun

Today we returned to this year's Scottish games in Pleasanton. We saw the regular things: the sheep dogs trials, the birds of prey, and the whiskey tasting.

We laid low on the beers today, and focused on the fun of the whiskey tasting. One of the tables had tasting paired with chocolates. Not something I would normally consider, but it turned out exceptionally well. I had three of the four they were offering. And then I tried some others around the room. We all enjoyed what was out there, and then continued to wander.

We got to see the Wicked Tinkers again, and I got a new hat for the Renaissance Faire, and a new Utilikilt (workman's style).

Lots of pictures here, especially the Peach trying out a new outfit (she ended up getting the brown).

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