Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Making Cents


So, my back still hurts. I did sleep better last night, but sitting is not a happy thing, and laying on my right side is all there is for relief. But the background pain is distracting me.

Last night I had a salad with tuna. I opened the can, got the tuna out, and then threw the can away, and cut myself on the edge of the lid. Jagged metal cuts bleed quite a bit by the way.

Anyway, this cut is on the tip of my left thumb and is perpendicular to my thumbnail. About twenty years ago, I nearly cut the tip of the same thumb off while cutting lemons at Sizzler. So I have this nearly complete circular scar on the tip of that thumb. Now I have a line that bisects it. If the new cut scars, it will look like I have a cent symbol on the tip of my thumb.

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