Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Wonders

Saturday morning, I read Planetary. And it was great. I was almost disappointed at first, but after reading some interpretations, I realized that I needed to look at the series as a whole, and not look at this issue as a stand alone. I'm satisfied.

Saturday, was a really fun game session. A full crowd, and lots of banter. Good plots and battles.

And today was a big day of football. Jennifer's friend Carlos came over, and brought bacon. So I made pancakes, with scrambled eggs and bacon. They got spicy bloody marys and I had milk. The mix was leftover from a Christmas package we got at work. It came with real maple syrup, and the breakfast was wonderful.

And the topper for the day is that Jennifer is 5-0 for her fantasy football league. She's very excited.

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