Thursday, March 13, 2008

Croce II - The Wishening

And then there's the topic of wishes. What if I got three of them. Assume the basic restrictions of not wishing for more and not being able to directly affect other people.

What to wish for?

Money is good, but how not to run out? How about a wallet that always has the exact amount needed for any purchase for any amount up to $1,000, and anything over $1,000 a credit card that is accepted anywhere, and never needs to be paid off. And perhaps a checkbook with unlimited checks for purchases that won't take a credit card... Like a house.

So that's one.

Now I've been reading comic books for most of my life, and collecting seriously for 20 years. And so who wouldn't want a Little super-power? Then there's the whole question of what power. Or powers. But let's make this easy, and limit to one power per wish. So then what to choose. Now a book that really affected me is Jumper by Stephen Gould. Please don't think of the movie. I haven't seen it, but I won't see it either. Read the book. But the way the Davey teleports in the book is the way to go. Anywhere he can see, has been recently or can picture with the help of a video and sound recording, loss of relative momentum, and teleportation by castling. Castling is the best method I can consider. Essentially he trades places with an exact Davey sized portion of air or water. There's none of the popping, or air displacement, or even the stupid visual effects of the movie. Yes, please.

So that's two.

And then I'm stuck. Perhaps I'll just save Wish #3 until I really need it.

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