Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lazy boy

Yeah, I missed posting last night. I was having a party. We only had seven guests, but that made nine of us in the house, and we had a good time. We did all the St. Patrick's Day stuff with beer and corned beef and cabbage. And people were here until after one in the morning.

We drank (beer, whiskey, and some strange green liqueur), we laughed, we played games (Mad Gab, Balderdash, and Apples to Apples), we told bad jokes, and we talked about geeky things.

But for now, let's talk chocolate.

Friday night while I was writing my post about HAZWOPER classes, I was drinking a Christopher Moore zinfandel and eating dark chocolate. The bar was 88% cacao, and Hachez "Premier Cru". I ate about a third of the bar and while it wasn't great (being slightly flavourless) it was still good with the wine. And then every now and then I would break it up with a handful of M&Ms. That's when you realize how really sweet those candies are.

I have a tendency to look for new dark chocolate when I go shopping. Trader Joe's is a great place, but I've found some others as well. TJ's Traveler's dark chocolate used to be my favorite, but it has become too sweet for me. Scharffen Bereger semi-sweet (62%) is quite good, but it is also sliding to sweet. That's probably why I was enjoying the Hachez. I have several other bars in a plastic bag ready for sampling.

I've got a Hershey's Cacao Reserve at 65%, Cafe-Tasse at 77%, See's Extra Dark at 62%, Michel Cluizel Grand Noir at 85%, and a Green & Black's Organic Bittersweet at 70%.

They go well with port and brandy too.

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