Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Something Cheap and Superficial

Perhaps you've noticed... I made some changes to the layout. An old friend (don't ask how old, please) gave me some tips, and I gave the layout a facelift. I've added some of my favorite sites (one being hers), and a list of the Webcomics I couldn't live without. And the bit that started it off, a picture and link to the book that I'm reading right now.
And believe me when I say that no matter how many links are there on the left (can you believe I just did the L thing with my hand to check left or right?), it's probably only about half of what I read. These are just the best.
I think I started reading webcomics when I finally had a regular desk job and a computer. My friend John got me hooked on two Sluggy Freelance and PvP Online. Slowly others grew from those, and I'll probably save talking about each for when the Block hits.
Then came the blogs. I used to read Belle de Jour, but she took a hiatus, and I couldn't get back into it. She turned it into a book. From her I found Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About by Mil Millington. From him I have three books on my shelf and am rabidly waiting for the fourth.
From there things have gotten out of hand. Now I have (in the favorites pane on the side of IE) over a page of Blogs/Link Diversion, and 4 pages of Webcomics. Luckily very few Webcomics are Daily or even M-F. Otherwise I'd get absolutely no work done.
And so now I can make in jokes that are so old hardly anyone would get them anymore:
And so I think after all my work that I'm done for today. However this is becoming addictive, so I'm sure I'll do more tomorrow. Meanwhile, enjoy.

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