Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Vernal Equinox

Yes I have. This morning before I left for work. Have you?

So last night I watched "Orgazmo" for the first time. Now, I have been watching South Park for only a few years, not having cable/satellite until recently, so I'm catching up. And while "Orgazmo" was not a great movie (in fact it's a pretty bad overall), it was really funny in spots and I enjoyed it.

So why did I enjoy it, and yet can't stand the Wilson Brothers in movies (unless Jackie Chan is in them), am beginning to boycott Will Ferrell movies in general, and just loathe Ben Stiller?

Perhaps it's the level of the comedy? Have you seen "Orgazmo"? They don't get much lower.

Maybe the concept? See above.

I think some of it may actually be where I saw some of these people for the first time. I didn't realize why I hated Seth Rogan until I rewatched "Freaks & Geeks" and realized what an asshole his character is in that show. I knew he was in the show, but forgotten the impact he made on me. Perhaps that's why i don't like Ben Stiller whom I first saw in "Reality Bites" and on "Friends". But I enjoyed "Knocked-Up", but have yet to like a Ben Stiller movie. And I had "Shanghai Knights" for my first Wilsons experience, and yet don't like anything else they've done. And if you put the Wilsons and Stiller together ("Royal Tannenbaums"), I'll tell you that I would rather spend my Saturday having my mother watch television at me.

All right, I'm done.

Watch "Justice League: The New Frontier". It's awesome.

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