Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On a roll

So I got things all squared away, and Sunday I moved my computer back into the office. I decided to be a good boy (since there'd been all kinds of links the previous week for keeping the workspace organized) and use the spool of cable keeper we'd bought over a year ago.

So armed with cable ties or varying lengths and the cable keeper, I reassembled the computer. Soon I was done and very happy with the look. Happy enough that I wish I had a before picture for comparison. It's still not great; I really should get one longer power strip. The problem is the number of converters I have to plug in.

The late Douglas Adams had a brief musing about these which he called "Dongly Things". If you haven't read it (and you should), buy The Salmon of Doubt and read it.

But then I discovered, that I couldn't see my external drive. Instead it was telling me that the printer was an external storage device. Finally, after replugging the drive in the USB slot a few more times it appeared. However, it was showing as H: instead of E:. Who knew that the USB slots kept up some sort of memory? Okay, if you did, good for you. I didn't.

So I unplugged all the USBs and plugged the drive into its old slot. It still showed as H:, so I went in and forced it to be E:. All better.

I think next post I may have to explain the following embarrassing assertion: Saturday, five other men and I played a pen and paper roleplaying game for about 10 hours.

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