Sunday, March 23, 2008

We've got it better than him...

Well, it's been a busy weekend, and it's only just now Sunday morning.

Friday I had dinner with my parents and some friends of theirs before they went to see "Brighton Beach Memoirs" at the Willows Theater in Concord. I'll be calling hem for a review this afternoon when I call for Easter.

Then I went home and watched Set 2 of "Cowboy Bebop".

Saturday I woke up feeling crappy with a sore throat. Jennifer and I went down to Fremont, and had breakfast at La Piñata #5. We wandered around for a bit, went to to Livermore for my weekly fix of comics, and then we went to Costco for Jennifer's GPS unit.

I had promised her a GPS for Christmas, and she said we would wait for a good one to go on sale in the new year. Costco had the Magellan 4250 for $250. The Davnille store was sold out, and we got a rain check. We thought we would run to the Concord store, and they didn't have an offer up for a rain check. Now smart Jennifer had a print out of the sale offer from the internet. So I thought we could go to Fry's Electronics and see if they could match the offer. And while they salesman we talked to said they couldn't (they had it for $500) he raved about the unit itself. He used to have one and loved it, but it had been stolen while he was in Las Vegas. He thanked us for showing him the add, and it sounded like he was considering joining Costco to get the unit as a replacement.

So slightly downhearted, we went home to rest before our show for the evening: MooNiE and Broon at the Dean Lesher Theatre in Walnut Creek. We love them at the Renaissance Faire in Casa de Fruita, and while their show is different in a theatre (no fire eating or fire juggling) they are always funny. However at intermission we realized we had not eaten since we were in Fremont. So after the show we drove almost home and had French dips with mashed potatoes/baked potato at Carrow's. That put us home around midnight.

I took a Nyquil to sleep, and apparently drove Jennifer out of the room with my snoring.

This morning my throat is not much better.

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