Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Down with the Sickness

So after being down on Sunday with a fever circling 100 F, I thought I'd see how I was doing on Monday before going to work. Aside from the horrible sore throat, I felt listless, so I thought I'd stay home and monitor my temp. Usually it was all right, but occasionally I'd feel it spike. I only hit 100 again once, with aspirin and lots of water and orange juice I got it back down to 99.

I did get some reading done while I was in bed. I finished A Fistful of Charms, and two weeks worth of comics (5 weeks until Final Crisis). I also watched three episodes of "Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes" which I continue to enjoy. Even if each episode makes me think that I've missed some in between, and would leave me lost if I didn't have everything Legion back to 1965.

And so this morning I was at 98.4, and still feel kind of weak. No gym for me for a few more days, that's for sure. And I've tried everything on this sore throat: water, orange juice, Pepsi, tea, Tabasco sauce (not straight). Water's even starting to taste funny. I hate it when it does that.

One big happy thought are my Bose in-ear headphones we bought Saturday. They kind of fit in my ears like a hearing aid with soft silicone covers, and have a really rich tone to them. They even came with a cool zip-up leather case that is the perfect size for the iPod classic and the headphones. I look forward to trying them out in the gym, and seeing how much ambient music/sound/noise they filter out.

And today I continued my re-read of Terry Pratchett books with The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents. It's a great take on the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

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