Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geek Signs

Now I'm not referring to the image to the right. What I mean is signs that are around me that I am a geek.
We'll skip the iPod, but the Bose headphones with leather zipper pouch? Maybe. The soundtracks to the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy playing on them? Definitely.
Then there's the Star Wars image a day calendar. The Die-cast-metal Superman figure on the monitor stand. My Justice League coffee mug from the now sadly defunct Warner Brothers Store. Three 6-sided dice on a key chain as well as a Stitch key chain. Another stuffed Stitch sitting on top of a bookshelf with a mini-plush Cthulhu. The magnetic dartboard on the wall by my office door. And the reproduction of the carvings of the gates of Moria taped to said door.
I think that pretty much covers it.
But see all of these have a logical reason for being here. Why shouldn't I have items that I like in my office? Doesn't it make more sense than a bunch of stuff that is just advertising for companies that want my company's business? Now I've got that too, but only where it is useful; like my dry-erase calendar from Woodward Drilling.
Although I feel I should explain the Gates of Moria on my door. I like to close my door at lunch, and often I'll go back to to work and not open the door until I happen to print something or need to leave my office. So I wanted a sign that said anyone was free to enter, and yet be more clever than the typical signs people put on their door.
Two people have already said, "Friend," before entering. One of them wanted to say the right word, but couldn't remember it. And that's half the fun.
By the way, the password is mellon.

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