Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Watch the Watchmen

I'm getting worked up for the "Watchmen" movie. In their latest Smodcast (Smodcast 58), Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier chatted for a bit about the "Watchmen" trailer shown before "The Dark Knight". Most of the scenes in the trailer are like live-action scenes straight from the book. And recently there have been promo picture ads for the movie released that have recreated the old ads for the comic. I am feeling hopeful.

Additionally, I wanted to share that Warner Brothers has made what they are calling a Motion Comic. It is a really interesting way of doing it, but think of it as being a combination of a cartoon and an audiobook.

So you can go to iTunes and either enter "Watchmen" in the search box, or you can go: TV Shows/Sci-Fi & Fantasy/Watchmen/Watchmen Motion Comics.

Some of the movements bring to mind the old Spider-Man cartoons. The ones from when I was a kid, with the cool theme song, and the really bad plots.

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