Monday, July 21, 2008

My Music Collection

Also this weekend (Friday night), I reorganized my MP3s. I decided that there was no need to keep files separated by where I got them. So now they're just broken down by genre. Kind of.

But I began to think about how people used to resort their music collections in the past. Like in the movie "High Fidelity". Like when I used to have cassette, when I bought a new one, I had to take out all the ones behind it and move them over one space to make room. CDs were a little easier when I had them on a rack, you just slid them over. However, Jennifer didn't like the look of the racks, so we go books. And so it was back to either leaving room, or taking out the ones you needed to move.

MP3s are different. You can resort them with the click of the mouse on the category header. So instead I had to move some folders around.

And so iTunes, of course had to require everything. On my and Jennifer's computers.

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