Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Simple Things

7-Eleven has a new cool product: the aluminum Slurpee straw. They are 28.5 centimeters long (just under 11.25 inches), 1 centimeter in diameter, and are extremely cool. For 99 cents, I got my first one (yes, yes, in a minute). I got a red one for my red, white, and blue Extreme Gulp cup.

If you've ever seen products by Alumicolor, then you can get an idea of what the straws are like. The diameter is slightly larger than the normal straws. And after the first one, and telling Jennifer about them, I had to get the rest.

There are six colors total which we have distributed throughout our cups. Red (my Extreme Gulp at work); Orange (my old Extreme Gulp mug that I use for water at work); Blue (my Ultimate Gulp at home); Black (for Jennifer's Extreme Gulp mug); and two more.

Jennifer took the purple one for her morning Isagenix shakes. And the green one we have in my car's glove box. The point of this is that inevitably Jennifer gets a bottled drink while we're out, and cannot drink it while we're driving due to stops and starts, and such things. I had been swiping straws from Starbucks, but now with these six, we aren't going to need any more plastic ones.

And my favorite bonus with them is that soda in the mug now tastes like it's coming out of a can.


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