Friday, July 18, 2008

The Wonders of Wor

Today for lunch I had a medium wor won ton soup at my favorite Chinese restaurant for such things: China Garden in Pleasant Hill. I have now tried the won ton soup in all the Chinese restaurants I frequent, and this one is still the best. The broth is good, it's full of meat (even named meat), and the won ton dumplings are the best.

The meat in the dumpling is not over flavored, and the noodle is sturdy, but not starchy.

And then of course there's the tea.

Of course after all this fluid I do kind of slosh when I walk. And a big bowl of soup and nearly all of a pot of tea (Debbie and Nicole had less than a cup each), I think my internal body temperature is approaching 100 degrees.

And I say 100 degrees because I happen to have an average temperature of 99. Jennifer and I were wondering one day why she's always cold and I'm always hot. Okay, sure she's female and I'm male, but beyond that.

So we took our temperatures, and I mine registered 99. Now, yes it fluctuates, and maybe I'm actually at 98.8, but 99 is close enough. Jennifer, on the other hand, tends to hover around 96.8. No, that's not a typo, she is actually 1.8 degrees below normal.

So between us we have about 2 degrees difference in body temperature. No wonder, I tend to walk around in the winter only in boxer shorts with the thermostat at 69, and she still uses her electric blanket in the summer with the thermostat at 75.

At least the air conditioner at the office is strong. I think I may have finally stopped sweating.

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