Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

I forgot to say that Saturday Jennifer and I went to Livermore for my comics, then we had lunch at Ming's in Pleasant Hill, and then came home to do nothing until we got ready for going out. And I crashed hard. It was worse than a sugar and caffeine crash. We think it was coming down after the stress of the coworker quitting as well as some around the coming night.

Sunday, we didn't do much. We went looking for diner food for breakfast, but we were late getting out and everything was full. So around 2:00 we went to La Piñata again. I had a new treat: Tlalapeño. This was a spicy chicken soup served with half an avocado sliced nicely and a side of Mexican rice. Added to two Smokey Margaritas, and followed up with my standby dessert: two scoops of chocolate chip ice cream on a sugar cone, the afternoon was wonderful.

My standby dessert is best in Concord's Todos Santos Plaza, because the local Baskin-Robbins there was $1 scoops, all-day, everyday. It's perfect. They did it first to drive out Coldstone Creamery from the Plaza, and now they do it and sell insane amounts of ice cream.

I was very happy.

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