Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wondrous Weekend

I had a great weekend.

Friday night Jennifer and I bounced around the house doing various things. There wasn't really anything outstanding, but it was just an easy segue out of the work week.

Saturday, I hosted this month's GURPS game. And I had an amazing time. I had most of the setting completed, but the player input as well as the questions asked by them fleshed out the blighted forest I was guiding them through into something truly sinister. Sometimes being the Gamemaster is a chore. You have to immerse the players into the world, and come up with an answer for any question they may ask. Or at least try.

Sometimes that is easy, or times it's pretty hard. John wrote me a very complimentary e-mail, and it carried me through Sunday. We both feel it was one the best games I've run. But again, the thought the others put into the session was a big help.

And the best part is that the blighted forest they went into was small and less than a week old. There is a much larger forest that has been blighted for around two years (game time). This is going to be fun.

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JS said...

Yes. "Fun".


And the well-fed evil trees relax after their easy victory over the hapless meatlings.

Mmm... meatlings...

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