Monday, July 28, 2008

Workplace activities

Thursday afternoon at 4:45, I had the one coworker that I supervise come to me and say that on Friday he was intending to submit his resignation. And that on top of that he would not be staying for two weeks, but would have Friday be his last day.

It came as a bit of a surprise, but knowing the meeting he had had with another project manager and the program manager, I could understand his stress. The primary thought was that he was taking too long on reports.

The thing to realize is that all of us get that talk. I was given it for Geohazards reports while I was at Kleinfelder. The program manager told me that he got that talk, and another of the project managers told us he got that talk. We all get that talk. It's just that when you're a staff-level geologist, you don't consider too much how much time you're taking for a report, and how that might affect the projects budget.

And the thing to remember is how small this business is. Not giving two weeks' notice is something that will get shared about a former employee.

But now, the coworker is gone, and we're picking things up. August just got rel busy with work. We get to do that tank dig in Stockton, as well as a well box repair in Pleasanton, and then back to Stockton for some drilling. Add to this the XOM All Consultants Meeting in Irvine (Ahhhh, scenic Irvine) on August 12 and 13.

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