Saturday, May 17, 2008

And another thing...

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you...

I finished The Name of the Wind Thursday night. I liked it so much, that I've ordered a hardback version from Amazon, and will be collecting all subsequent books in hardback.

Ask John... I don't do this.

I'm cheap. Books come out in hardback, and I read friend's copies or the library's and then if I like it I'll buy the paperback. The only exception to this so far has been Terry Pratchett and his Tiffany Aching books. WFM. HFoS. WS.

And now Patrick Rothfuss.

If you want to feel how his writing style moves, go to the book store and read the single page first chapter. It is practically prose poetry.

The first paragraph got Jennifer hooked.

And I have to wait until April 2009 for the second book.

I did get a cool book from mom on Sunday though. It's an anthology about vampires. There are a lot of short stories in it, but I'll probably only read two of them.

One is by Kelley Armstrong and is about her female vampire Cassandra.

The other is by Jim Butcher, and is about Harry Dresden's brother.

And before John goes racing for Borders...

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you...

This is a galley. One of mom's friends is somehow connected with the writing community, and she gets galleys from publishers.

I promise that after Jennifer has read it, I will pass it along to John. And if he asks nicely, maybe then on to Jay.

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JS said...

"Before John goes racing to Borders"... what? Is there supposed to be a link there?

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