Monday, May 12, 2008

Catching up...

Saturday at Boomers was fun. We had a good morning, and then headed south. We stopped off at Chevy's for lunch, got my comics, and had fun like children. We played miniature golf, I watched others do the bumper boats, and then did the go-carts. It started to get really windy towards the end, and when the party broke up to go to dinner, Jennifer and I excused ourselves, and got ready to head to Bennetts'.

And on the way we got tired and sleepy. By the time we got to 680, we decided to go home and rest, and see if we were still up for KaBoom. Two hours later, we woke up, and figured we'd better call Bennetts. So we didn't make the fireworks party, but we sure slept well.

Sunday I cooked brunch for my mom. I had fresh fruit and mimosas for appetizers, then scrambled eggs and thin pork chops for brunch, and then chocolate chip muffins for dessert. Then dad invited me to stay for dinner and we had pressure cooked chicken, artichokes, white corn, and mashed potatoes.

Today I got to run to Stockton for an emergency site visit. It seems PG&E found some sort of buried tank on one of my sites. Two weeks ago. We got pictures from them, but I found when I got there that they had covered it over again. It's only about a foot down, so I'm hoping for a septic tank, because another fuel or oil tank would be a bad thing. We'll see how things go after our client decides what he wants us to do.

On top of this I'm feeling crappy. Sinus pressure, sore throat, itchy eyes. And tomorrow through Thursday (with a maybe for Friday), I get to install extraction wells at a site in Santa Clara. It seems that I'm always sick when I'm going into the field with Hooligan (That's not his name, but what spell-check tends to recommend. I've made it an unofficial nickname).

I'm hoping it goes away for Saturday. I can't run a game on cold medicine.

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