Saturday, May 10, 2008

Shocking Compliments

Last night Jennifer and I had dinner with parents. We were going to the Willows for another play, this one about FDR. It was all right, but what I truly found interesting while finally finding our why people used to be so scared of a catholic president. I had no idea that everyone felt that the catholic church would control that president's every move.

It's a good thing we just have lobbyists which politicians can ignore so easily.

But while having dinner, mom told a me a little tale. My parents had been friends with the CFO of ETIC before I started working there. We all had a laugh about it when we found out. Last week he had a party at his house, and my parents were introduced to one of ETIC's principals, Doug. Mom said he looked her in the eye, and said, "Erik is a very good geologist."

Now this, added to my review is helping me float through the weekend. I see Doug maybe 5 minutes in every week, and so his opinion of me is more than just his it's also how other people feel who have talked to him. I'm about ready to gush, but my two years at ETIC have been a wonderful working experience. No place is perfect, but I have certainly found a comfortable place to be. It continues to knock Kleinfelder into a cocked hat. And over the cliff. And into a pool a lava.

Today is going to be a busy day. After our good mornings, Jennifer went off to get an oil change. Once she's back we'll head to Livermore and get my comics, then head over to Boomers for Jason's birthday celebration. They've got bumper boats, and miniature golf, and video games, and go-carts, and laser tag (if it's working). Then after that, we're going to the City for Bennett's final KFOG KaBoom party.

He's managed to buy a place in on of the new towers going up, and is supposed to be moved in before this time next year. So he's having a final bash... at this location.

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