Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Reviews and Distractions

So today I had my annual review at work. And only five weeks past my service date, so not too badly done. And I thought last year's review was good...

Last year was the first annual review since I started working for Kleinfelder in 1998 that I did not fear going into it. And this year's review was even better. If all businesses were like working here (definitely no longer Kleinfelder), then workers would be much happier. It's almost as if people should work for a big company, and then move to a small company. Not necessarily an official small company, but the last two of those sucked hot dog water. ETIC is small, but well established enough that they know what they're doing.

This review, I had about half of the criteria be "Exceeds Expectations," and all the rest were "Meets Expectations". And for those in the know, Gopi was the principal who sat in on the review (the other two being out), and although I was nervous at first, he only supported what Bryan had listed in the review.

So I got a nice raise and a bonus. They're going to make the Key West trip that much easier.

Right now, I've got two non-reading web distractions going right now. One is My Mini City which is a simple city that grows each time it's visited.

The other is Tribal Wars. I'm in World 5 which I think is now closed to new people. You start with a small village, and grow it until you can raise Nobles who then allow you to settle new village or take over other villages you've cleared with your army. You need to join a tribe in a mutual protection sort of way, and people who become inactive as members of a tribe can then be attacked by the members of the tribe. It all is kind of confusing unless you play it, but it does keep my busy managing all of my villages.

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